BARBICIDE® has partnered with Merit to allow beauty professionals to quickly and efficiently
search for and share their BARBICIDE® certifications.

I passed the BARBICIDE® or COVID-19 Certification, but can’t access my certificate. Where can I find it?

If you’ve earned your BARBICIDE® or COVID-19 certification, you should have received an email from Merit notifying you that your digital certificates (known as “merits”) are available. Click the ‘Accept’ button in the email to create your profile and accept your merit.

Please email help@merits.com if you need direct assistance and for all other certificate questions.

My name is wrong or is missing from my BARBICIDE® or COVID-19 certificate, how can I update it?

CLICK HERE or please email help@merits.com if you need further assistance.

How do I print my BARBICIDE® or COVID-19 certificate from my Merit profile?

Once you’ve accepted your digital BARBICIDE® merit. Login to Merit, click on your BARBICIDE® merit and select Digital Certificate on the left-hand side of the popup window. Your certificate will appear as a tile within the popup. Click on the tile to enlarge and select Download in the bottom right hand corner. Your certificate will download to your computer as an image file which you can print.

Is the BARBICIDE® or COVID-19 Certification Program a requirement?
The BARBICIDE® Certification Program is not a requirement, but is recommended as a way to stay up to date with the highest current infection control standards in the beauty industry!

How do I become BARBICIDE® or COVID-19 Certified?
Please visit barbicide.com/certification to get certified!